Rising Stars Bassmasters

Our Purpose 

To stimulate as a group of interested individuals the awareness of bass fishing as a major sport and to bring together these individuals for the improvement of CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, MORALE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, CONSERATION, YOUTH FISHING, and FISHING TECHNIQUES. In addition, to detect and report any polluter or poacher of our waters and wildlife to the responsible authorities.  To function as a dynamic and effective link with other chapters of the Tennessee Bass Federation (TBF), embracing the principles and purpose of the Tennessee Bass Federation (TBF).

     NOTE: This Chapter is to operate solely on a majority rule basis of membership.  This Chapter will belong to and support the Tennessee Bass Federation (TBF) of the FLW, and shall submit a complete membership roster to TBF Chapter Federation Department in December of each year
Meeting Location and Time

Location: GONDILR Restaurant, Chapman Hwy behind IHOP, Seymour, TN

Time: 7:00 pm

Date: 1st Friday of each month, unless it is a holiday, then the next Friday
Tournament Schedule  

  You can view our complete tournament schedule from the home page.  One thing that you will notice is that we fish ONE club tournament a month from March to November.  This give our members the opportunity to spend time with their families and time to fish other tournament trails without interferring with the club.
Membership and Tournament Fees  

  Each club member is required to be a member of the Tennessee Bass Federation (TBF), and the FLW. Each new member will be asked to pay a non-refundable $10 initiation fee upon acceptance into the Rising Stars Bassmasters.

     Yearly Membership fees are $50.00 payable by December of each year.  In the event that a prospective member joins after June, their membership fees will be prorated.
Breakdown of your membership fees are;
     $15.00 to the TBF 
     $10.00 to the Tennessee State Bass Federation
     $25.00 to aid in our State Team qualifiers.

     Tournament fees consist of $20.00 per angler and includes Big Bass fee.