Rising Stars Bassmasters


1. The sponsors of this tournament assume no liability for any participant, bystander, participant’s property or bystander’s property at any time.
2. All occupants, anytime the boat is operating above idle speed, must wear an approved USCG personal floatation device.  Failure to wear an approved USCG personal floatation device will be grounds for disqualification for that tournament with loss of fish, participation points and tournament fees for that boat and participant(s).  The Tournament director, member(s) of the tournament committee, or any Chapter officer must be informed of a violation within 15 minutes of the last participant(s) weighing in.
3. Boat safety standards shall comply with U.S. Coast Guard Regulations, respective state and local regulations where applicable.
4. No participant shall possess and/or be under the influence of alcoholic drink or under the influence of drugs proceeding or during the tournament.  EXCEPTION: Prescribed medication taken in the prescribed manner, and does not affect the safety of the person taking medication and/or others.
5. The Tournament Director may order EASE OFF or other instructions for leaving the launch site for the commencement of these tournaments, if he deems it necessary for the safety and well being of participants and/or bystanders and their properties.
6. The tournament director shall have the authority to cancel and/or change the date of any scheduled tournament should circumstance or safety of the Chapter members become an issue.  This activity can only be done with a majority of the attending tournament committee members voting to do so up to the start time of the affected tournament.