Rising Stars Bassmasters


1. The tournament committee will set regular Chapter tournaments.
2. No regular Chapter tournament will be scheduled for two (2) weeks before or one (1) week after the scheduled week of the State, Regional, or Southern Divisional Federation Tournaments provided members are participating in these tournaments.  If the State, Regional, or Southern Divisional Tournaments for that year are held on an area lake, the tournament committee may schedule a regular Chapter tournament on the same lake prior to or after these tournaments.
3. In the event of a conflict between any Federation sanctioned tournament (i.e.; Regional, State, Southern Divisional, etc.), and a Chapter Tournament, the Chapter Tournament shall be rescheduled or cancelled to allow Chapter members to participate in the Federation sanctioned  tournament..
4. The Tournament Committee shall schedule no more than one regular Chapter tournament per month from March through November.
5. The Tournament Committee may schedule up to 8 regular Chapter tournaments on the area lakes of their choosing.  The Tournament Committee shall determine the launch sites and times.  All sites are subject to change due to the availability of the ramp (i.e., large tournament using launch site on the same date).  Tournament Committee will determine scheduling so as not to conflict with major holidays.  In addition, some but not all-major tournaments may be considered part of this process.  This is to ensure that all members have the opportunity to fish all scheduled Chapter tournaments.
6. Tournament committee to consist of up to four (4) Chapter members and the Tournament Director.  Names taken on voluntary basis from members in good standing for at least one year and that have fished 3/4th of the regular Chapter tournaments from the previous year.  These committee members will be expected to help plan, operate and conduct the Tournaments as scheduled.
7. The tournament committee names will be randomly drawn to determine committee members.
8. The tournament committee will be selected during the December or January meeting.
9. No committee member shall serve two consecutive years unless fewer than six (6) Chapter members volunteer in the drawing for the committee membership.
10. The tournament scheduled shall be completed and available to Chapter members by the February meeting