Rising Stars Bassmasters



This Chapter shall begin and maintain at least six (6) Chapter members.  The total membership shall be 100% Tennessee Bass Federation members FLW members, and limited to thirty (30) members in number, unless this number is altered by a two-thirds majority vote by the voting members present in accordance with ARTICLE V.

To be a Chapter member, a person shall:
1. Be a member of Tennessee Bass Federation and the FLW
2. Pay membership fees to the Chapter
3. Follow and uphold all Chapter By-laws.
4. Participate in Chapter functions.

1. Voluntarily expresses a genuine interest in membership
2. Be recommended by, or invited to join by a least one Chapter member at a regular Chapter function.
3. Be voted on by members present and in the applicant’s absence, and approved by a unanimous vote (no nay, or deferred votes).  President may call for a secret written vote, as he/she deems necessary.

Minors requesting membership into this Chapter must:
1. Be accompanied by a legally responsible parent, relative, or a legal guardian of 18 years of age or older who shall become their permanent fishing partner.  The minor’s permanent fishing partner shall assume full responsibility for the minor.  The responsible partner shall apply and receive a full membership status per ARTICLE II, SECTION 2 and/or ARTICLE II, SECTION 3 before the minor can be eligible for membership.
2. If a minor’s partner is expelled, resigns, or leaves the Chapter for reasons known or unknown before the minor attains 18 years of age the minors membership shall automatically be void.
3. Meet the requirements of ARTICLE II, SECTION 2.

1. A $10.00 one time initiation fee is payable in full upon the acceptance of membership into this Chapter and is not refundable.
2. All membership fees’ are for the calendar year beginning in January and ending in December.
3. A $50.00 annual membership fee is initially payable upon being voted into the Chapter or are due on or before the close of the January meeting.  Breakdown of fees is as follows;
  a. $15.00 of which shall go for Tennessee Bass Federation dues.  Exception: Paid through another Tennessee Federation Chapter.
  b. $10.00 of which shall go for ?Tennessee State Federation dues. 
  c. $21.00 shall be used solely for helping to pay the cost for our state team to fish the Regional Qualifier and      State Federation Tournaments. 
  d. $4.00 of which will go into a separate fund to help support any member or members fishing the Southern    Divisional Federation Tournament.  This separate fund will not exceed $1000.  Any excess over $1,000 will          be placed in the state team fund.
4. Prospective members joining the Chapter on or before June 30 will pay the full $50.00 membership fee.  After June 30th, the dues will be prorated at a rate of $2.00 per month (i.e., a member joining in July would pay $44.00, a member joining in December would pay $34.00).
5. These dues are not refundable under any circumstances.

6. Membership in the FLW is mandatory, and the fee of $35 will be collected at the time club membership dues are collected.

1. A member shall be dropped from Active membership at any time by a two-thirds vote of active members present at a regular Chapter meeting for any of the following, with the exception of failure to pay dues, which is automatic and does not require a vote, which the member is considered inactive.
  a. Any action, which would REFLECT DISHONOR AND/OR DISCREDIT upon this Chapter, the Tennessee      State Federation, TBF, and/or FLW.
  b. Failure to show an active interest in the Chapter, i.e. failure to attend a meeting or fish a tournament for a     period of one year, etc.

c. Any inactive member can return to active status with a two-thirds vote of active members present at a regular Chapter meeting provided that member was absent in good standings.
  d. Disqualification for any reason from participating in
the Tennessee State Federation, TBF, and/or FLW sponsored events

  e. Disqualification for any reason from participating in FLW sponsored events
  f. Disqualification for use of drugs or alcohol.
2. Votes shall be cast by secret written ballots and tallied in the presence of the members.